• Crisps

    19 February 2015

    Today's blog is all about crisps! Crisps have become a firm staple in many a kitchen cabinet but they also offer… Read more

  • Elephant garlic

    Elephant garlic
    12 February 2015

    We're pleased to announce the garlic chart has been placed online this morning! Garlic is a much more versatile… Read more

  • Ceviche? Carpaccio? No, tiradito!

    Ceviche? Carpaccio? No, tiradito!
    05 February 2015

    Asia meets South America in this wonderfully tasty fish dish! Have you ever made it?Tiradito is a Peruvian variation on… Read more

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  • Wouter van Laarhoven | Nxt lvl

    Wouter van Laarhoven | Nxt lvl
    “Gastronomixs is a must-have for every chef. It's an online creative 'brain' that goes further than anything before!”
  • Jonnie Boer | De Librije*** restaurant

    Jonnie Boer | De Librije*** restaurant
    “I can get really enthusiastic about initiatives like Gastronomixs! So much knowledge in one place, that's useful for every chef!”
  • Luc Kusters | Bolenius restaurant

    Luc Kusters | Bolenius restaurant
    “A top-of-the-line manual that inspires new culinary discoveries and brings creativity to life in the kitchen - that's Gastronomixs!”