• Upgrading your trial account

    Upgrading your trial account
    27 November 2014

    Do you have a trial account that has expired (you've used up your two weeks of free access) and would you like to... Read more

  • Must-read: Momofuko Milkbar

    Must-read: Momofuko Milkbar
    20 November 2014

    A recurring item on the Gastronomixs blog: the must-reads in culinary literature!Books on culinary themes and cookery... Read more

  • Vanilla

    13 November 2014

    You'll often see vanilla used as an ingredient in various components and compositions. A standard ingredient in our... Read more


  • Wouter van Laarhoven | ByWouter

    Wouter van Laarhoven | ByWouter
    “Gastronomixs is a must-have for every chef. It's an online creative 'brain' that goes further than anything before!”
  • Onno Kokmeijer | Ciel Bleu** restaurant

    Onno Kokmeijer | Ciel Bleu** restaurant
    “Gastronomixs is all about culinary inspired innovation for young and old!”
  • Jonnie Boer | De Librije*** restaurant

    Jonnie Boer | De Librije*** restaurant
    “I can get really enthusiastic about initiatives like Gastronomixs! So much knowledge in one place, that's useful for every chef!”