• Upgrading your trial account

    Upgrading your trial account
    28 August 2015

    Do you have a trial account that has expired (you've used up your two weeks of free access) and would you like to… Read more

  • Lemon grass (sereh)

    Lemon grass (sereh)
    16 June 2015

    Other world cuisines use a variety of unusual products that you can use to experiment and create your own variations in… Read more

  • Top chefs inspire with Australian Black Angus Beef

    Top chefs inspire with Australian Black Angus Beef
    22 April 2015

    Whether a chef wishes to use commonly-sold or less commonly-sold beef cuts, there isn't really a book or website… Read more


  • Virgilio Martínez, Central, Peru

    Virgilio Martínez, Central, Peru
    “Gastronomixs has a great design and essence. It is a very good tool to approach culinary concepts at all levels.”
  • Tim Raue, Tim Raue**, Germany

    Tim Raue, Tim Raue**, Germany
    “Gastronomixs gives chefs an opportunity to learn more about compositions. I very much like the idea of sharing and can therefore say that I am a fan of this website!”
  • Martin Benn, Sepia, Australia

    Martin Benn, Sepia, Australia
    “Gastronomixs is a brilliantly designed site that is a great resource for all chefs seeking inspiration, current trends and innovation.”