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We provide recipes in building blocks, called components, which you as a chef can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes.

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All recipes have been tried and tested, which saves you a lot of time!

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Chefs and specialists from across the world share their knowledge with you.

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Free two-week trial

Endless culinary combinations

If you’re curious to find out what you can all do with a certain product, we have more than 4,800 components which have been efficiently arranged per ingredient and technique. There are bound to be preparations that are suitable for your kitchen and with which you can create many different compositions!

‘Gastronomixs is an enrichment for every chef!’

- Chef Gastronomixs Test Kitchen Nik Tonglet


  • Delving into: sourdough

    With sourdough bread, we use so-called "sourdough" instead of yeast to make the bread rise. This takes time, love and attention. Have you always been too busy to dive in? If so, then now’s your chance!
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  • Invest time in your knowledge? This is your chance!

    Are you the kind of person who always has your nose in a book or are you just happy to switch off after a long day of hard work? We all know that maintaining your knowledge is essential, but the hectic time spent in the kitchen often doesn't allow you to.
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  • The (mother) sauces that every cook should know

    16-12-2020 in Ingredients Techniques
    If you have spent more than a few weeks at a culinary school, you couldn’t ignore it: the classic sauces schedule, as prepared at the end of the 19th century by the French chef Escoffier. But is it still relevant today?
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  • 5 golden tips for a tight mise en place planning

    10-11-2020 in Tips & trics
    Two possible scenarios for next Christmas: restaurants may be allowed to open again soon or the catering industry remains closed and for many, it will be their very first Christmas take-away service. So, how can you plan this far in advance?
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