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Free two-week trial

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If you’re curious to find out what you can all do with a certain product, we have more than 2,600 components which have been efficiently arranged per ingredient and technique. There are bound to be preparations that are suitable for your kitchen and with which you can create many different compositions!

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  • The many types and uses of pine nuts

    02-08-2018 in Ingredients
    Pine nuts have become a popular ingredient in kitchens all around the world. Yet, not many people know where the pine nut comes from or where it grows. That is why today’s short blog will help you to expand your knowledge of commodities!
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  • Stock: letting time do all the work

    26-07-2018 in Techniques
    Making your own stock seems to have become a thing of the past. A lack of time and too little space in the kitchen are all reasons to rather use those stock cubes or pastes. Home-made stock is the foundation of your kitchen and the signature of the chef!
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  • Sponge cake: a modern classic

    19-07-2018 in Techniques
    Sponge cake making is a method which has already become a classic preparation technique. This comes as no surprise, as you can use this technique to create an extremely airy cake that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes in no time.
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  • He couldn’t even boil an egg!

    05-07-2018 in Techniques
    We can hear you wondering: ‘Boiling an egg? Who can’t do that?’ Yet, have you ever thought about what happens during the cooking process?
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