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We provide recipes in building blocks, called components, which you as a chef can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes.

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Free two-week trial

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If you’re curious to find out what you can all do with a certain product, we have more than 3,500 components which have been efficiently arranged per ingredient and technique. There are bound to be preparations that are suitable for your kitchen and with which you can create many different compositions!

‘Gastronomixs is an enrichment for every chef!’

- Nik Tonglet, chef De Houtloods (The Netherlands)


  • Sponge cake: a modern classic

    19-07-2018 in Techniques
    Sponge cake making is a method which has already become a classic preparation technique. This comes as no surprise, as you can use this technique to create an extremely airy cake that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes in no time.
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  • He couldn’t even boil an egg!

    05-07-2018 in Techniques
    We can hear you wondering: ‘Boiling an egg? Who can’t do that?’ Yet, have you ever thought about what happens during the cooking process?
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  • Worldchefs Congress will be held in Malaysia this summer

    31-05-2018 in Events
    Every two years, Worldchefs Congress takes place somewhere in the world. This summer, the 38th edition will be held in Malaysia! Headliners include Andre Chiang and Alvin Leung, as well as key speakers from around the world.
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  • Gastronomixs launches in Ireland & The UK

    07-05-2018 in News
    The goal of Gastronomixs is to promote a global reference work created for and by chefs. The global rollout will be launched in Ireland & The UK. As of today, Irish and British chefs are a hyper-modern culinary knowledge platform richer!
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