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We provide recipes in building blocks, called components, which you as a chef can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes.

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• New tried-and-tested recipes every week

All recipes have been tried and tested, which saves you a lot of time!

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Chefs and specialists from across the world share their knowledge with you.

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We speak the same language and understand the challenges you face.

Free two-week trial

Endless culinary combinations

If you’re curious to find out what you can all do with a certain product, we have more than 3,600 components which have been efficiently arranged per ingredient and technique. There are bound to be preparations that are suitable for your kitchen and with which you can create many different compositions!

‘Gastronomixs is an enrichment for every chef!’

- Chef Gastronomixs Test Kitchen Nik Tonglet


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    Tempering chocolate in a restaurant kitchen is often difficult because conditions are often not optimal. In this blog we tell you all you need to know about chocolate and how to work with it with the help of master patissier Hidde de Brabander!
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