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We provide recipes in building blocks, called components, which you as a chef can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes.

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Free two-week trial

Endless culinary combinations

If you’re curious to find out what you can all do with a certain product, we have more than 4,800 components which have been efficiently arranged per ingredient and technique. There are bound to be preparations that are suitable for your kitchen and with which you can create many different compositions!

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  • What you need to know about binding sauces

    The texture of sauces is an essential part of the final result. Binding can be done in various ways and each method has its pros and cons. But do you actually know what happens if you, for example, start using starch? We sum it up for you here.
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  • 5 steps for the perfect risotto

    27-05-2021 in Techniques Tips & trics
    A well prepared risotto is incredibly delicious, but sadly, sometimes things go slightly awry. Yet it's not rocket science and most especially, time is of the essence. But what do you actually know about this Italian classic?
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  • Moving up to the next level together

    26-05-2021 in News
    To keep on providing you with the best of inspiration, our new platform will go live in June, along with a new pricing system. The monthly subscription fee will rise from €7 to €9 per month, with the annual fees rising from €70 to €90 per year.
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  • Every advantage has a disadvantage

    06-05-2021 in News
    June is almost here! That is when we are launching a new and improved Gastronomixs website. We are going to ensure that it will be even more user-friendly than before. The majority of changes will be to your direct advantage.
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