Andy Brooks about his two-week trial

03-04-2019 in Gastronauts
Andy Brooks about his two-week trial

When asked to trial Gastronomixs for the first time, Andy jumped at the chance given his experimental approach to menu-building and development.

Andy worked as Executive Chef for Novotel UK for twelve years before leaving to work in a similar capacity within the Devere Hotel Group. He said the constant need to implement new, seasonal menus would have been aided greatly by Gastronomixs. How? Because the platform has an intrinsic purpose as a kind of ‘Lego for chefs’, which makes it an extremely valuable tool in the professional kitchen! 

Andy is now heading-up the team at Backwell House, near Bristol, and loves the luxury boutique hotel environment. Many of the guests spend a week at a time at the hotel, so it is imperative that the menu is refreshed on a weekly basis and daily specials are interesting and tempting!

Andy has played around with Gastronomixs and particularly likes the lamb recipes such as herb crusted rack of lamb and Moroccan lamb stew with pomegranate, shallot and coriander. He said he can’t wait to add his own twist to the recipes. Which is easy to do when creating your own compositions, using the platform.

Students working with Gastronomixs

Andy is now using his wealth of industry experience to mentor the next generation in lecturing at Weston College. He said that Gastronomixs is very useful for demo inspiration when the college asks for a specific specialism. Andy: “The Flemish hare recipe would be an ideal dish to showcase the versatility and flavour of offal in one of my college classes. Inspiration for the starter and dessert could also be drawn from the plethora of delicious recipes on offer on Gastronomixs. I made faggots with the students last week for the meat and offal masterclass which proved very popular indeed!”. He continued: "I also like the simplicity of typing in single ingredients into Gastronomixs, like Jerusalem Artichoke, and being able to yield various different cooking styles and ideas. Gastronomixs has inspired my Jerusalem artichoke soup that is on my menu at Backwell House today.”

You’ve heard what Andy has had to say, now it’s your turn. Want a free trial that will add enrichment for you and every chef you work with?

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