Carlos Martinez about his two-week trial

11-10-2018 in Gastronauts
Carlos Martinez about his two-week trial

Carlos Martinez is the former head chef at Maze by Gordon Ramsay and group head chef at Chucs Italian restaurants in London. He is one of the many chefs who has tested out Gastronomixs. We asked him about his opinion!

As you already know, Gastronomixs provides recipes in building blocks which chefs can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes. For chefs on the move like Carols – being able to use Gastronomixs everywhere to check endless culinary combinations is priceless.

Asked about his first experience with Gastronomixs, Carlos responded, “It was incredibly clear and easy to navigate – I really liked it. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I’d say… It’s a good tool to work with and a fantastic recipe bank.”

While discussing the ingredients, techniques and recipes available for free in the Gastronomixs trial, we openly discussed what might be missing and Carols thought provenance stories could help – we have taken this on board!

Enthusiastic about a future with Gastronomixs, Carlos said, “I’d absolutely keep using the tool to create recipes and to help young chefs, it is such an easy and effective way to work. I’d recommend this platform to employees and colleagues too because it’s a great thing to have in the kitchen for inspiration.”

You’ve heard what Carlos Martinez has had to say, now it’s your turn. Want a free trial that will add enrichment for you and every chef you work with?

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