Dave Newman about his two-week trial

13-11-2018 in Gastronauts
Dave Newman about his two-week trial

For chefs working in a fast-paced varied environment like Dave – being able to use a platform to check endless culinary combinations is extremely useful. Dave is one of the many chefs who has tested out Gastronomixs. We asked him about his opinion!

Dave has followed in his father's footsteps as a chef in the Royal Air Force. They have both cooked for Royalty on numerous occasions, which is their favourite story to tell friends and family. Since August 2017, Dave is the Executive Chef of Lasseter's at the Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol).

Lasseter's at The Winter Gardens caters for various occasions; from huge conferences and banquets to fine dining and chef's table events. Dave is constantly refining signature dishes and experimenting with new cooking styles and flavour combinations. His latest dish developed with Gastronomixs is pressed Somerset belly of pork, black pudding bon-bon, Wookey Hole Cheddar, braised vanilla carrot, crackling and local cider sauce. Dave started the process by typing in ‘Roasted Pork Belly’ into the search bar. He then discovered lots of different preparations using pork belly. Dave said: “Even if you don’t replicate the recipes exactly, Gastronomixs can inspire you to try new cooking styles and experiment with new flavour combinations.”

Every chef has their own secret to the ‘perfect crackling’ and Dave thinks he has developed the best ever recipe. When asked if he would share the secret with us, he refused, saying that he could share it, but then he’d have to shoot us! Dave then used Gastronomixs to search components and complimentary ingredients to create his new signature dish. When pressed again to help inspire other chefs through Gastronomixs, Dave gave in and revealed the secret to his famous pork puff! Dave said: “For the best Pork Puffs in the history of man, take 1kg pork rind, cut into 2cm cubes, boil for 1 hour, keep skimming water of scum on the top, drain after the hour, place on cooling rack. The fatty layer in the two cm cubes then jellifies and can be scraped-off with a knife or a spoon! Once this has been done, place in a flat tray with greaseproof paper. Set the combi oven to take all moisture out at 90 degrees and cook for 12 hours.”

He continued… “When you take the dehydrated cubs out of the oven after 12 hours, they should resemble like finger nails. Fry them in clean, hot oil at 190 degrees – drop them in two at a time and use a slotted spoon to hold them down. They should increase greatly in size – fry for 1 min, place in gastro tin with kitchen paper and pat dry. Season with salt or any dry rub you fancy – we do a fantastic salt and vinegar version!”

Asked about his first experience with Gastronomixs, Dave responded: “I thought it was excellent, I really liked it. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I’d say… It’s a great tool to teach the younger chefs the basics and a fantastic recipe bank. It's easy to print the recipes out too – they’re in a fantastic user-friendly format.”

You’ve heard what Dave Newman has had to say, now it’s your turn. Want a free trial that will add enrichment for you and every chef you work with?

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