Dish presentation: here are some trends and tips

19-02-2020 in Tips & trics
Dish presentation: here are some trends and tips

If you aspire to be the Rembrandt of the culinary world but struggle to make your dishes look like works of art, then read this blog for trends and tips on dish presentation. 

Fashionable dishes

Looking back at the last century of gastronomy, you will recognise a number of styles in dish presentation. It's similar to fashion: one trendsetter starts a movement, and the rest follows. An example of a plating style is the ‘classical presentation’ of placing the elements of the dish on specific parts of the plate. A past trend was to serve dishes in glasses, whereas another trend saw food served on slate. To this day, Instagram is awash with images of colourful dishes packed with flowers and cress. Other trends are also becoming apparent. Nature is being used as a source of inspiration for people creating landscape on plates. Another new development is the monochrome style of plating, where only one colour is used. The free form style is also gaining traction. This is also referred to as ‘modern painting’, as it's an outlet where chefs can let their creativity run wild.  

Your canvas

Chefs use plates in the same way that artists use canvases. This leads to the first stress of choosing, namely which plate to use to ensure your dish looks its best. The colour and shape of your plate are of the utmost importance. Consider, for example, black, white, or brown plates that are round, square, or oblong. The choice of plate may depend on the colours and shapes of the components that you want to showcase. Tip 1: round components are better complemented by a round plate, whereas angular components look better on a square or oblong plate. Using similar shapes is aesthetically pleasing. Another important factor is size. Tip 2: Adapt the size of the plate to the dish you plan to serve. Mismatching the size of the plate to the amount of food served wrong is less aesthetically pleasing. Tip 3: match the cutlery to the shape of plate. While bowls and deep plates look lovely, they can be inconvenient when you are expected to use a knife and fork. If you want to present your dish in a bowl, make sure the components don't need to be cut by the guest. A white, flat plate is a fine choice as a way to present many dishes.

Creative use of shapes

There are many tools available to chefs in the kitchen to ensure that they can more easily plate their dishes the way they want, even when serving large groups of customers. The most well-known examples include spoons and squeeze bottles. Creative use of other objects can also provide very interesting results. For example, glue spreaders can be used to showcase sauces or crèmes in new and interesting ways. Another example would be using a glass to shape a crème into a type of leaf.

Inspiration provided by top chefs

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