Freddie Innes about his two-week trial

12-03-2020 in Gastronauts
Freddie Innes about his two-week trial

Freddie would definetely recommend Gastronomixs, because: "It’s a recipe guru that gives you every recipe you could probably think of." He is one of the many chefs who has tested out Gastronomixs. We asked him about his experience!

You could recognise his face... Freddie was a contestant on Masterchef: The Professionals. He made it to the semi-finals. Freddie is a senior sous chef at Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa (Cuckfield, West Sussex, England). As a senior sous he is tasked with making sure everyone is okay in the kitchen with their daily mise en place, to ensure smooth services for lunch and dinner. Of course he also is looking after and supporting the head chef.

For Freddie, it’s very important to stay creative. He says: "That’s why we always encourage all the members of our staff to go out and try new restaurants, read lots of books and to stay on social media to see what everyone is up to."

A very clever platform

Freddie first came across Gastronomixs via Instagram. About his first impression: "I thought it was a very clever platform for upcoming chefs, to widen their knowledge on different recipes and methods, it’s got a lot of information for chefs. So many recipes, without having to buy any books! I think the best benefit is that it’s all done online. You don’t need to go to the shop to buy recipe books, you don’t need to call your chef friends... you just type in what you're after and a load of different options will appear for you to look at."

He continues: "All the recipes have been tried and tested, so you definitely know it works. Which saves chefs a lot of trial & error time and money. I think it’s a fantastic website and more chefs should know about it!"

You’ve heard what Freddie Innes has had to say, now it's your turn to try it out yourself! Take out your free two-week trial by clicking on the button below.

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