Making your own miso in just 2 steps

08-08-2019 in Ingredients
Making your own miso in just 2 steps

Miso is a commonly used product in kitchens everywhere. It is a product that you want to keep using, but you also want to distinguish yourself from your colleagues. At Gastronomixs, we have the solution: make your own miso! In this blog, we explain how to make your own miso, the ingredients and equipment you'll need, and how long it takes. 

Miso: so many people, so many flavours

While many people think that miso originated in Japan, it actually comes from China. The Chinese were already making a fermented soya paste called jiang over 2,000 years ago. The miso that we use today is a Japanese version of this ancient paste. The Koreans also have their own miso paste called doenjang, and in Indonesia they have a paste called tauco. All these pastes differ in fragrance, colour, and flavour. For example, the Korean miso paste has a sharper taste than the Japanese version, and we recommend that you try them both to compare the flavours. The following ingredients are found in all the different miso pastes:


Miso is made through fermentation. To ensure that this fermentation process is successful, you need a few things. You can find all this equipment on the internet or at a wholesaler. 

Good things take time!

It takes a long time to make miso. The entire process takes at least six months. But don't let that deter you: most of the work takes place in the first week, after which you don't have to do much. Fermentation consists of two different processes. Below we explain how to make your own miso step by step.

The first fermentation process:

The second fermentation process:

Critical points for the fermentation process

Patience is key...

It's clear that making miso is not that difficult. It's mostly about having patience and checking whether the temperature remains steady. The end product that you create will make a real difference to your dish!

If this has inspired you to find out more about what you can do with miso, at Gastronomixs you'll find multiple components with miso. If the fermenting technique has piqued your interest, then visit our technique page to learn more.