Playing with building blocks: varying with the classics

Playing with building blocks: varying with the classics

At the heart of Gastronomixs is an enormous database of recipes presented in the form of building blocks that you can use to create new recipes in the blink of an eye. You can also use a building block to change one of your own recipes, the recipe of another chef, or a classic dish. In this blog, we will show you how Gastronomixs helps you to easily create exciting different versions of classic dishes.

Dividing into ingredients

To be able to vary with classic recipes, it is important that you first deconstruct the dish into the various elements that you can vary with. These are often the ingredients themselves, but you can also play around with the structure and the courses themselves. Some find it easier to write this down and to create sketches of their ideas.

Create online

To start varying on a classic, go to Gastronomixs and check out the recipes you can find that use the specific ingredients you are looking for. The components you find suitable for your version can easily be combined with other components by using the + icon next to the component. Once you have merged the components, you can easily print out the composition and start with it in the kitchen.

Let's get cooking

To show you how easy it is to vary on the classics with Gastronomixs, our chefs have selected a few dishes as the starting point and made their own creations.

Caprese salad
The classic Italian caprese salad consists of only four main ingredients: tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. It is essential that these few and simple ingredients are of the very best quality. This is also applies if you are going to make changes to this classic dish. Let's say you want to make a lunch dish inspired by the caprese salad. Then take a look on Gastronomixs at, for example tomato and green herbs, to see which preparations you could use. Perhaps try a caprese carpaccio or a caprese toast as a variant on this classic dish.

Mushroom toast
Mushroom toast is a real lunch classic, consisting of bread, mushrooms, and green herbs. By replacing the 'carrier' of the mushrooms, you can create a delicious variant in no time, such as a warm salad or a pizza bread based on this classic.

Gado Gado
Traditionally, gado gado consists of a cold vegetable salad with cucumber, potato, egg, and shrimp crackers topped with a peanut sauce. The combination of hot and cold is what makes gado gado so popular, so that is a combination we'd like to keep. Our chefs created a variant in which the gado gado is served on a steamed bun. They also came up with a light and airy soup in which the classic gado gado vegetables are served.

An iconic, rich cake bursting with flavour. The key ingredient is cream cheese on a crunchy base, and it is often served with fruit. When coming up with the variations on this classic cake, the chefs thought about different moments to serve the cake. For example, they created a breakfast bowl and a version to serve as a dessert.

We've showed you how easy it is to use the building blocks to vary with classic dishes. If you have any questions about this, you can always send us a message using the chat window at the bottom-right of the screen. If you think you have it figured out, don't hesitate and get in the kitchen!

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