Ross Davey about his two-week trial

17-10-2019 in Gastronauts
Ross Davey about his two-week trial

Ross says about Gastronomixs: "It’s the fire that lights a bigger fire." He is one of the many chefs who has tested out Gastronomixs. We asked him about his experience!

Ross is a sous chef from London, who has worked for and with big names in the industry like Marcus Wareing, Stevie Parle, Chantelle Nicholson and Elliot Miller. He also has worked in different delis and pubs. For Ross, creativity is about keeping things simple, interesting and when possible original. He explains: "I find that when I have time to be creative at home on a day off, I try to let my mind drift, ultimately I know what my own style is and I know I’ll probably end up using the already tried and tested techniques... but with my own palate in mind. Methods and ingredients vary but I make damn sure that I always take something away from whatever I do in terms of lessons and knowledge!"

A different approach to combining ingredients

Ross found out about Gastronomixs during an event of The Chefs' Forum in London. Asked about his first impression of Gastronomixs, he says: "I liked it right away, it offers a different approach to combining ingredients and finalising elements required in order to fundamentally draft dishes whilst writing menus. For me it completely compensates for at times, a tired mind, a tired brain ;-). I wish I had this years ago. The platform is genius, utter genius!"

He continues: "The platform is so inspiring, it’s the fire that lights a bigger fire, it provides momentum." When asked about his favourite component of all 3,100+ available at this moment, Ross mentiones the yarrow and tarragon oil right away: "I made a mayo from it, what a banger!!" While discussing the other recipes available for free in the Gastronomixs trial, Ross said he will definitely will be encouraging fellow chefs to create a two-week trial account too.

You’ve heard what Ross Davey has had to say, now it’s your turn. Want a free trial that will add enrichment for you and every chef you work with?

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