Sumac, the subtropical herb

15-12-2017 in Ingredients
Sumac, the subtropical herb
Do you ever use sumac in the kitchen? In this blog, we'll tell you a bit more about this ingredient.

Sumac is a shrub that grows in the Mediterranean

It has red sour berries that is most often sold in dried, powdered form. Sumac contains a lot of citrus aromas and also tastes a bit like tamarind. It adds a tangy, spicy touch to your dishes.
In the Middle East, sumac is often used; 
  • with meat; such as lamb,
  • fish,
  • stews,
  • yogurt,
  • nuts,
  • and rice.
In Turkey, it is often eaten in starters with thinly sliced onions or is incorporated in sauces to accompany kebabs. It is also a basic ingredient in several herb mixtures, such as za'atar. When buying sumac berries, you are advised to soak them first. The water that turns sour because of the berries can then be used, for example in marinades or dressings.

It is a very special berry which goes particularly well with chicory and asparagus!