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Culinary lingerie

Given that chefs shorten the term ‘crispy garnish’ to just ‘crispy’, says a lot about the role it plays in a dish. It is never the main component. The oftentimes, really fine and beautifully formed garnish makes a dish both exciting and refined, as well as giving it a more tantalizing, mouth-watering appeal. That's as far as it goes with the comparison to spicy undergarments. In fact, crispy bites get a lot of attention for other reasons too. They appeal firstly, to the eye, after that, the mouthfeel and following that again, the taste. Crispy structures also make a sound when you bite into them, which greatly emphasizes the freshness of any dish. Therefore, you can create a wide variety of different effects with them. But just beware of the pitfalls! 

Deepest pitfalls of crispy bites

Just imagine; you're sitting in a restaurant. The starter has just been served up and it looks absolutely amazing. You know exactly how it should be, so you gather a little bit of every texture on your fork. And then, you place it in your mouth to take your first bite. However, that previously tantalizing crispy bite, turns out to be anything but crispy and even worse, clings to your teeth too. Could you then carry on and enjoy the rest of that meal? This is the deepest pitfall with crispy garnishes. Even if they are lifted out of a well-sealed tub, still super crispy, during the short time it takes to get them from the kitchen to the table, they absorb moisture. One type of garnish is much more able to cope with the moisture than another, so be careful. It can also be helpful to allow the garnish to dry a bit longer or to bake or fry them at a lower temperature. Take the time to remove as much of the moisture as possible. It really pays off!

Types of crispy bites

Crispy bites can be pretty much summed up in 5 groups. None of them are really difficult, but the amount of steps they take can be quite different. 

  1. Dried product: with this, we mean the pure product itself, cut really finely and then dried. For an example, take a look at these crispy quince bites.
  2. Deep-fried:  the pure product itself, cut really finely and deep-fried in or out of the packaging. Check out the components: deep-fried ginger  and crispy rice noodles.
  3. Crispy wafers: these are made from either sweet or savoury batters, thinly smeared and baked. Check out this stunning example of crispy couscous.
  4. Confectionery: these are most often made from glucose and fondant and are easy to shape. Take a look at this  chocolate crisp.
  5. Dried foam: by beating egg whites with a warm sugar syrup, you'll end up with a sturdy egg-white foam that can be smeared out and then dried.  Check out the component: fresh, sweet meringue shards.

Top 10 crispy bites on Gastronomixs

Crispy bites is a widely searched term. Most are not difficult to make and each type has its own pros and cons. Here are the top 10 from our chefs:

  1. Crispy colatura potato - Simple to make and very distinct in flavour.
  2. Crispy puffed sweet potato skins - Stunning example of from Waste to Taste.
  3. Crispy taco with Greek yoghurt - One of the most spectacular confectionery creations with a subtle crunch and flavour.
  4. Comté crisp - A lovely and versatile crisp made from cheese and mashed potatoes.
  5. Duck-skin Chips - A truly delicious component from De Librije*** with which you can create a whole range of variations.
  6. Black salsify crisp with milk - A surprising, beautiful, white scorzonera (a.k.a. oyster plant) crisp for desserts.
  7. Raspberry Floes - Beautiful crisp, delicious combined with white chocolat, green tea, and raw almonds.
  8. Rye crisp - A really cool crisp by Merijn van Berlo, made by using a pasta maker.
  9. Sweet and crispy shredded meat - A truly original preparation of shredded meat by Joris Bijdendijk.
  10. Mustard and polenta biscuit - A great multi-use crisp that can be used from an amuse-bouche to a starter.

So, have you got a favourite yet? Get cracking and see what you can come up with! Of course, we have lots more amazing crispy bite recipes to share with you on our website. You can find them all by simply clicking on the link below.