The 7 most common creative challenges

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The 7 most common creative challenges

Every chef at every level encounters creative challenges in the kitchen every day. We have compiled the seven most common ones for you!

Skill or talent?

Whatever challenge you encounter, you'll have to take a problem-solving approach. Creativity is a skill that can help you a lot in this! Yes, you read that correctly: creativity is a skill, and not a talent. Creativity may come less easily to some people than others, but it's definitely something you can train. Below we have listed the seven most common creative challenges and explained how Gastronomixs can play a role in them. 

#1: Taste combinations

You've discovered a great taste combination, but how are you going to prepare the ingredients? With more than 120 ingredients, the ingredients for your dream taste combination are almost certainly among them. For each ingredient you will also find a number of special combinations, which will quickly help you on your way! 

 #2: Supplier offer

Your supplier proposes an offer so good that you just can't refuse, for example tomatoes that are right at their seasonal peak at a low price. But how are you going to make the most out of this product? You want to use the tomatoes in your daily and weekly menus, but in a creative way. How many ways of preparing tomatoes do you know? You'll find 41 here!

#3: Inspiration from other chefs

Every month, there's a new guest chef at Gastronomixs. Previous guest chefs have included Jonnie BoerIsaac McHale, and Matt Orlando, who shared three signature dishes. When you're inspired by a beautiful creation by another chef, but you don't want to just copy it... you can give your creation its own twist by playing with components. For example, we were inspired by this dish by Margot Janse to come up with this remake, and this dish by Mark Best formed the inspiration for this remake.

#4: Using up stock

Perhaps you've bought too much of a certain ingredient, or the supplier has delivered too many cucumbers, for example. What can you do with it all? Just type 'cucumber’ into the search bar for a wealth of ideas! 

#5: Leftovers and waste

You have a lot of bits left over after preparing stalks of kale. Could you use them for something? Can you use broccoli stalks or parsnip skins to make something tasty? And what about those king prawn heads or crayfish shells – could they be used to make some kind of broth...? At Gastronomixs, we call these 'waste 2 taste' components! 

#6: Dietary restrictions and allergies

A guest cannot eat a particular component in a dish because it contains gluten. More and more components free of certain allergens and ingredients are becoming available at Gastronomixs! 

#7: Sales case/customer question/theme week

A major client wants a fully customised eight-course set menu for their anniversary party, including various meat, fish, and vegetarian options. You can seek inspiration in a variety of cookbooks - that's always a good idea. But the easiest way to develop new ideas is digitally! 

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