The top 5 most viewed vegan components

18-06-2020 in Ingredients Tips & trics
The top 5 most viewed vegan components

Guests' wishes are changing, and the demand for vegan dishes is increasing. Chefs are trying to meet this demand and are searching for solutions to prepare the classic dishes, but now with a vegan twist. Are you curious to see what your fellow chefs searched for most often on our website?

Limitation inspires creativity

Although you might want to deny it, you can't escape it: guests these days have completely different demands than they had about ten years ago. People are trying to lead healthier, more eco-conscious lives, and they're bringing these lifestyles to your restaurant. Whether its allergies, beliefs, or lifestyle, guests are very clear about what they do and do not want. And is that really such a bad thing? As a creative chef, you can turn every meal into something special – and these limitations should inspire your creativity. We have noticed that chefs frequently search on Gastronomixs for vegan alternatives for the popular, classic preparations,

Reconstruct or demolish?

Guests go to a restaurant not only for a delicious meal; they want to be pampered. This requires beautiful products and rich, deep flavours. That often makes it difficult to deviate from classic preparations when creating vegan dishes. Lemon curd demands butter and eggs while a good beurre blanc is dripping with butter. Leaving these ingredients out takes something essential away from the experience or might be technically impossible. So, the question remains: do you reconstruct or demolish? The challenge is to adapt a recipe in such a way that its essence remains intact or is maybe even improved. Our chefs rolled up their sleeves in the Test Kitchen and, after a great deal of testing, we added the most important vegan recipes that you can start making now.

Never fall short again

Chefs are great at thinking ahead and are masters of mise en place. So, are you going to wait until you are asked for vegan dishes or are you going stock up once you can get back to work? Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by à la minute stress and try to identify the things that you'll need on a regular basis. Many preparations are perfectly suitable for freezing or pulling vacuum and to stock up on. This will ensure that you'll never fall short during service.

The top 5 most viewed vegan components on Gastronomixs

Many chefs search for vegan preparations of classic dishes. These are the most often viewed components:

  1. 100% vegetable demi-glace: this demi-glace does not contain any animal-based products and is suitable for a vegan diet.
  2. Vegan lemon curd: a tangy curd with coconut milk and lemon as the key ingredients. The curd is thickened with a combination of starch (cornflour) and agar-agar.
  3. Vegan carrot ‘smoked salmon’: carrot that looks like slices of smoked salmon with a subtle smoky flavour and firm structure.
  4. Vegan red wine sauce: once you taste this sauce, you won't believe it's 100% made from vegetables.
  5. Vegan ‘Frankfurter sausage': the carrot is marinated in kecap manis (a sweet Indonesian soya sauce), which gives it a darker exterior and a savoury flavour.

Of course, we have many more vegan recipes on our website. Click on the button below to view all the components.

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