Tom Everard-Fairburn Brooks about his two-week trial

18-04-2019 in Gastronauts
Tom Everard-Fairburn Brooks about his two-week trial

As head pastry chef at Thornbury Castle, Tom spends a lot of his time creating new dishes and petit gateaux for his menu at the castle. His initial impression of Gastronomixs was one of astoundment!

Tom his background is in fine dining, working at restaurants in Cheltenham such as Lumiere and The Greenway hotel and spa. He always likes to approach food with a twist – often using childhood memories of sweets and treats to drive the core flavours in a dish. He looks at a plate as a multi-sensory journey, trying to involve all the senses, with clever use of temperature and texture in each bite.

New dish designs

Gastronomixs has helped Tom in preparing new dish designs, by pushing him to be more creative and try new flavour pairings. Tom says: "This is incredible, clearly a lot of work has gone into creating Gastronomixs!”... continued by: “the platform is so easy to use and clearly laid out – I love that you can just search for one ingredient and get loads of cooking methods and recipes, each with their own texture. It’s so easy to build a dish from the ground up by combining components.” The Rhubarb rolls with Mango Caramel is one of the components that Tom has used several times already, and it was a big hit every single time!

Cooking techniques

One other feature that Tom pointed out was that the ability to search based on a cooking technique was really useful. He said: “When dreaming up a new dessert I like to think of how a technique will influence the outcome; so the fact that I can search by steaming or poaching is great because I can get an idea in my head of two different textures of apple, for example. It’s brilliant, all in one place!”

Tom has said that he would like to continue using Gastronomixs and has already recommended it to everyone he knows. Now it’s your turn. Creating a free two-week trial account is a piece of cake with no obligations. Click on the button below to find out more!

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