Top 10 crumbles

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Top 10 crumbles

Crumbles are incredibly versatile! When you think of crumbles, you might immediately think about sweet preparations. However, in recent years you will have seen more and more savoury crumbles. In this blog we'll tell you about the 10 most viewed crumbles.

Easy to make and completely foolproof

Making a crumble is incredibly easy. For a sweet crumble, the basic ingredients are always flour, sugar, and butter. When you mix these ingredients, you create a loose, crumbly dough that you bake in the oven. You can even add flavour enhancers to the crumble, like yoghurt powder or almond flour. With just a planetary mixer and scales, any chef in any kitchen and in all circumstances can make a crumble. But there is an even easier way to make crumble by simply crumbling baked products such as biscuits (ginger biscuits, Oreos, wafers), rice crackers, nuts, or prawn crackers. This makes crumbles a popular component that features on almost every menu.

Tips and tricks

On Gastronomixs you'll find a simple but great recipe for crumble. This recipe is the perfect starting base and is also easy to vary. If you want a finer crumble that bakes a little softer, you can replace the sugar with icing sugar. For an extra dimension of flavour you can add spices such as cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, or even some lemon zest! Once you get started with crumble, the ideas will come pouring in. There are two ways to stock up on crumble: you can store it raw or baked. Raw crumbles can be frozen on trays and baked on the day that you need it while baked crumbles can be stored in vacuum bags. 

From apple crumble to landscaping

The best-known and most common crumbles are classic and still immensely popular, such as the krummelvlaai (traditional Dutch sweet tart with crumble), rhubarb crumble, and apple crumble. However, you can also use it as a crispy component in your compositions, such as edible soil in a dish that has been inspired by nature. This can be sweet, such as a chocolate soil in a dessert, or a savoury crumble of algae in a beautiful fish dish.

The top 10 most viewed crumbles on Gastronomixs

  1. Crumble, the classic basic recept!
  2. Vanilla crumble
  3. Chocolate crumble
  4. Garlic and crispy onion crumble
  5. Algae, wasabi peanuts, sesame seed, and crispy onion crumble
  6. Milk charcoal crumble
  7. Black olive soil
  8. Yoghurt crumble
  9. Bacon crumble 
  10. Edible soil made from mushrooms

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