Tuna spine marrow

06-12-2017 in Guest chefs Ingredients
Tuna spine marrow
In the components chart for tuna, you'll find the waste2taste component tuna marrow. It's a component the German chef Joachim Wissler (Vendôme restaurant) has added to his menu, creating a dish that was born out of curiosity.

Inspired by Japanese cuisine

Joachim Wissler had read about the beneficial effect of tuna spine marrow on hair growth and nails. Having become intrigued, he asked his usual fishmonger whether he could also supply the tuna's large spinal column and he could! Joachim experimented with various flavor combinations and came up with this dish. The taste of tuna marrow is quite similar to that of oysters and it looks rather like jelly. When Joachim serves the dish in his restaurant, guests often think it's another molecular technique but this couldn't be further from the truth - it's completely natural.

How to remove the tuna spine marrow

Above we show you the precise location of the marrow and how you can remove it from the spine. In Japan, the spine is cut so that the marrow remains in its 'cup'. It is then roasted whole and the marrow is seasoned to taste. It's not easy to obtain tuna spine but you can, of course, start working with tuna. Just take a look at our components chart!