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Sugared rose petals

The addition of the citric acid prevents the rose petals from becoming too sweet while enhancing the beautiful rose aromas.

Makes 100 rose petals.

Allergens & dietary requirements

  • Egg
  • Vegetarian


  • 60 egg white, pasteurised
  • ml rose water
  • 120 caster sugar
  • 15 citric acid
  • 100 rose petals

Preparation method

  • Mix the egg white with the rose water.
  • Make a mixture of the vending sugar and the citric acid.
  • Use kitchen tweezers to dip the rose petals in the egg white mixture and then the sugar mixture one at a time.
  • Place the sugared petals in a food dehydrator and dry at 40°C for 12 hours.
  • Store the sugared rose petals in an airtight plastic container.

Serving suggestions

  • Use in a composition with wild strawberries, olive oil, and pistachio.
  • Delicious served with fennel, aniseed, and white chocolate.
  • As a finish for friandises.