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Veal sweetbread with vanilla from the konro grill

Vanilla is a precious commodity, and you don't want anything of that to go to waste. So this recipe is perfect for when you have vanilla pods without seeds left over.

Dutch vanilla by Koppert Cress has a rich and intense flavour that works exceptionally well in savoury preparations like this one.

Makes 1 kilogram.

Allergens & dietary requirements

  • Cow's milk
  • Lactose


  • kg sweetbreads
  • buttermilk
  • 60 salt
  • water
  • 50 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  •  Dutch vanilla, Koppert Cress
  •  as needed olive oil

Preparation method

  • Cut the Dutch vanilla pods in half lengthwise and use the vanilla seeds for another preparation.
  • Place the pods in a dehydrator at 50°C for at least 4 hours.
  • Store them in an airtight container.
  • Rinse the sweetbreads until the water runs clear.
  • Make a solution of buttermilk, 60 grams of salt and water.
  • Place the veal sweetbreads in this mixture and refrigerate for 12 hours.
  • Heat the sous vide to 75°C.
  • Then rinse the sweetbreads again until the water runs clear.
  • Place in a vacuum bag with the olive oil and 5 grams of salt and vacuum seal.
  • Cook sous vide for 1 hour and 5 minutes and cool back on ice water.
  • Remove the membranes from the sweetbreads and portion them if desired.
  • Use a steel skewer to thread through the sweetbreads with half a vanilla pod.
  • Store in the fridge until serving.
  • Prepare during service on a hot part of the konro grill until nice and golden brown and crispy.
  • Before serving, remove the steel skewer, and the vanilla pod if necessary. This has now infused the sweetbread nicely.

Serving suggestions

  • Delicious in a dish with Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushroom, and potato components.
  • Perfect with truffle, onion, and salsify.
  • Combines well with celeriac, shiitake, and soy sauce.