Asparagus in an eggshell

A spectacular, simple, and easy to prepare variation on the asparagus brabançonne, which can be served as an amuse-bouche or a small entremets as part of a menu. You can create endless variations using different taste combinations.

Makes 10 pieces.

Asparagus in an eggshell

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fresh eggs



cooked ham

As needed:


flat-leaf parsley



white asparagus, classic cooked



potato foam (see potato components)

Preparation method

  • Use an egg topper to remove the tops of the egg shells.
  • Pour out the contents of the eggs, collecting the yolks with your hand and allowing the egg whites to drip into a container. Place each of the yolks on a spoon.
  • Rinse the egg shells and dry them in a heating cabinet or an oven that is not too hot.
  • Finely dice the ham and place at the bottom of the egg shells.
  • Allow the egg yolk to slide off the spoon into the shell and top it with some finely diced asparagus.
  • Keep in the refrigerator until serving.
  • Place the eggs in an oven at 180°C for 10 minutes until the egg yolk is just about done (like a 4-minute soft-boiled egg).
  • Finish with some warm potato foam.

Serving suggestions

  • As an amuse-bouche or starter with garnishes of your choice, e.g. salmon with green asparagus, or with prawns, lobster, carrot, or potato.
  • As part of a buffet or walking dinner.
  • Vary by using a different kind of foam, e.g. asparagus or fennel.

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