Bacalhau brandade

Bacalhau is dried and salted cod. Traditionally dried on rocks near the sea or on sticks

Makes 1400g.

Bacalhau brandade

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garlic, finely chopped



shallots, finely chopped




Preparation method

  • Leave the bacalhau to soak in cold water in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Change the water three times.
  • Gently fry the garlic and shallots in the olive oil, add the bacalhau and cream, and gently cook until done.
  • Mix the ingredients in a food processor and, if desired, thin it slightly with water or fish stock.
  • Optional (see photo): use a cutter to shape the brandade and sprinkle with panko. Burnish under the salamander grill.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a starter. For example, with a salad consisting of Jersey royals, capers, crème fraîche, and shallots.
  • As an amuse-bouche, e.g. with a smoked potato foam.
  • As a spread on toast.

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