'Bacon' of brined watermelon

An extraordinary component made from watermelon; derived from a technique used at Mugaritz in Spain. This is a great way to add the texture and flavour of bacon in a surprising presentation. Perfect for meatless dishes.

'Bacon' of brined watermelon

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watermelon, seedless







Preparation method

  • Peel a watermelon with a vegetable peeler so that you see the white part of the rind. The green part of the rind cannot be used and may be discarded.
  • Cut slices approximately 2cm thick, leaving a white edge on. Cut out any remaining seeds.
  • You now have slices of watermelon with a thin white edge.
  • Combine the water and salt, pour over the watermelon and vacuum seal. The melon is now infused with the brine, and will change colour and structure.
  • Set aside to brine at least overnight.
  • Remove the melon from the vacuum and pat dry thoroughly.
  • Transfer to a drying cabinet or oven at a maximum of 55°C and dry for approximately 12 hours.
  • The slices will remain somewhat firm and will not fully dry out.
  • Moisten them very slightly with water and vacuum seal again. This will keep the melon soft but firm.
  • Cut into narrow strips to present the appearance of fried bacon.

Serving suggestions

  • As a savoury accent in starters and salads.
  • Extremely tasty in a salad with goat's cheese, rocket and red beet syrup.

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