Banana spring rolls

A fabulous banana dish that can be prepared during quiet periods. The spring rolls can be kept in the freezer without loss of quality. This combination with white chocolate and lemongrass is very unusual, but is easy to adapt to create your own variations. The white chocolate can, for example, be substituted with pure chocolate or the lemongrass with mixed spice or five-spice mix.

Banana spring rolls

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banana, peeled



peanut oil






granulated sugar



ground lemon grass






white rum



white chocolate



filo pastry



egg whites



peanut oil for deep-frying



icing sugar

Preparation method

  • Chop the ripe bananas and briefly fry the pieces in a combination of oil and butter.
  • Sprinkle with the sugar and caramelise.
  • Flavour with the ground lemongrass, the juice and zest of the lime and the white rum.
  • Spread out the banana mixture on a tray to create a layer 5mm thick.
  • Grate the white chocolate over the mixture and add another layer of banana.
  • Cover with plastic foil and freeze.
  • Cut the banana filling into small triangles (approx. 4cm on each side).
  • Cut the filo pastry into long strokes (approx 4 cm width).
  • Spread with liquid egg white.
  • Roll up with the banana triangles and ensure that they stick well.
  • Store in-between layers of plastic foil until ready to deep-fry.
  • Deep-fry in peanut oil at 180°C until golden brown and hot inside.
  • Immediately dust with icing sugar.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a dessert or amuse-bouche.
  • As friandises, e.g. served with a white chocolate, lime and ginger dip.

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