Black pudding (boudin noir) made from venison

Creation by Bas van Kranen, Bord’Eau restaurant*, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Black pudding (boudin noir) made from venison

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deer belly fat



deer blood



buckwheat flour (extra refined)



bay leaf









cayenne pepper



artificial intestines

Preparation method

  • Cut the belly fat into cubes and blanch in plenty of boiling water for three minutes.
  • Blend the deer blood, buckwheat flour, and herbs together in a thermo blender at 60°C until smooth.
  • Add the blanched belly fat to the mixture and mix thoroughly with a spatula.
  • Fill the artificial intestines using a piping bag.
  • Poach the sausages at 75°C until the centre reaches 70°C and then cool quickly on iced water.
  • The sausages can be further used in a number of different ways. See crème of venison black pudding, for example, or black pudding fried in butter as shown on the photo. 

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a composition with a classic roast venison loin.
  • In a composition with components of Jerusalem artichoke, apple, cranberry, celeriac, parsnip, pear, beetroot, red cabbage, onion, or sweet potato.

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