Blueberry powder

Creation by Ollie Schuiling, Kasteel Heemstede* restaurant, Houten, the Netherlands.

Recipe makes approximately 180 grams.

Blueberry powder

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lemons, juice






yuzu juice

As needed:


citric acid

As needed:


icing sugar

Preparation method

  • Caramelise the sugar until dark and deglaze with the lemon juice.
  • Add the berries and cook until done.
  • Reduce until you have a very thick paste.
  • Purée the paste and season to taste with citric acid and yuzu juice.
  • Spread out onto silicone mats and dry in a drying oven.
  • Grind into a powder and sieve.
  • Add icing sugar to taste.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a further preparation, e.g. in confectionery.
  • As a finishing touch for a raspberry tiramisu.
  • Delicious with shiso, green apple, and white chocolat.

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