Bonbon with passion fruit and lemongrass

The lemongrass gives the ganache filling a refreshing aroma.

Creation by Maurits van der Vooren, Latour* restaurant, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

Bonbon with passion fruit and lemongrass

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passion fruit purée






vanilla pod



white chocolate



lime zest



yellow cocoa butter

Preparation method

  • To make the ganache, bring the passion fruit purée, lime zest, vanilla pod, and lemongrass to the boil.
  • Pull vacuum and infuse for a day.
  • Pass the liquid through a sieve, bring to the boil, and pour over the white chocolate.
  • Blend until smooth with a hand-held blender and place the ganache in a piping bag.
  • Spray the bonbon moulds with yellow cocoa butter and then pour in the white chocolate couverture.
  • Knock out the air with a back of a pallet knife and pour out the white chocolate again. The moulds are now coated with a thin layer of chocolate.
  • Pipe the ganache into the moulds and level off with white chocolate.
  • Place in the refrigerator, so that the chocolate will pull away from the mould.

Serving suggestions

  • As a friandise.
  • As part of a dessert with components of coconut, ginger, kiwi, lime, mango, nuts, pineapple, banana, and grapes.

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