Braised and double-podded butter beans

The first process of podding is to remove the bean from the outer pod. The second process takes place after cooking and involves removing the tough membrane around the individual beans. This membrane is often less appetising and therefore undesirable in the larger bean varieties, such as butter beans. Here, we braise the beans in beurre noisette with sage; a simple combination but it complements the bean perfectly.

Braised and double-podded butter beans

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butter beans, cooked



sage leaves

As needed:


beurre noisette

As needed:



Preparation method

  • Hold the butter bean at the bottom, between your thumb and index finger and carefully push the bean out of its covering.
  • Heat the beurre noisette in a pan.
  • Add the sage leaves and ‘deep fry’ them in the butter until they stop bubbling.
  • Add the double-podded beans and braise them until warm.
  • Season with salt. 

Serving suggestions

  • In a composition with poultry such as chicken, guinea fowl, or quail.
  • In a composition with pork, apple, and pumpkin.

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