Bread soufflé

An amazingly easy preparation method that can be done very methodically with a little practice. Follow the recipe precisely, otherwise the soufflés will not rise properly. This recipe can be varied in countless ways, as long as the filling is not too moist or fatty.

Bread soufflé

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tramezzini bread (sandwich bread)



crab meat



chervil, chopped



parsley, chopped






egg whites

Preparation method

  • Cut the slice of sandwich bread in two.
  • Use the pasta machine to roll the slice out thinly several times. Ultimately, it must be no more than 2mm thick.
  • Mix the crab meat with the herbs and mayonnaise, and season with lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  • Squeeze small dots of crab filling onto the slices of thin-rolled bread.
  • Coat all over with egg white and top with a second slice of bread. Punch out with a small cutter, and depress the edges with the top side of a slightly smaller one.
  • Deep-fry the 'ravioli' for a few minutes in oil at 190˚C until puffy and golden brown.
  • Drain immediately on paper towels and serve as quickly as possible.

Serving suggestions

  • As a garnish with a shellfish or fish soup.
  • As an amuse-bouche.
  • You can replace the filling with any number of other ingredients, such as blue cheese, goose liver (use frozen), poultry farce (cooked), rilettes, etc.

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