Café au lait carrot juice

This preparation is called café au lait as the jus is mixed with single cream creating a more luxurious texture and giving it the colour of café au lait.

Makes 1l.

Café au lait carrot juice

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carrot juice



vegetable demi-glace



single cream

As needed


ground coriander seed

As needed


salt and pepper

Preparation method

  • Gently and gradually reduce the carrot juice to a thick jus.
  • Add the vegetable demi-glace and reduce to a jus bursting with flavour.
  • Add the single cream and reduce to the right thickness.
  • Season to taste with ground coriander seed, salt and pepper.

Serving suggestions

  • In combination with pasta, such as tortellini with a filling of mature cheese.
  • As a jus in a dish with scallops and avocado.
  • Use in a composition with components of celeriac, onion, and carrot.

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