Carrot beurre blanc

An interesting, nutty version of a classic beurre blanc with fermented carrot. The fermentation process gives the beurre blanc a refined acidity.

Creation by Jonnie Boer, Librije’s Atelier, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Makes 1500g.

Carrot beurre blanc

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carrot juice 



fermented carrot juice 


beurre noisette of goat's butter 



As needed: 


xanthan gum 

As needed: 


bergamot orange

As needed: 



Preparation method

  • Bring the carrot juices to the boil and lightly bind with a little xanthan gum. 
  • Remove the pan from the heat and mount with the butter and the beurre noisette of goat's butter while continuing to stir.
  • Season to taste with the juice of the bergamot orange or a different citrus fruit and salt.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a composition with lamb, carrot, lentils, and grains.
  • As a component in a composition with hazelnut, tomato, and yuzu. 
  • As part of a composition with, e.g. several preparations of carrot, eggplant and onion.

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