Carrot clouds with coconut syrup

Carrot juice beats up quite well on its own, but in this recipe we add sucro for a little extra stability. Carrot combines well with coconut, which makes these carrot clouds perfect for serving with a little syrup made from coconut milk. This is a great way to take two very simple ingredients and turn them into a dessert amuse-bouche or an exciting component in a larger dessert. Without the coconut syrup, the carrot cloud makes a lovely garnish for savoury dishes.

Makes 670g.

Carrot clouds with coconut syrup

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carrot juice









coconut milk




Preparation method

  • Dissolve the sucro in the water using a hand-held blender.
  • Pour the carrot juice and the water into a suitable container so that you have a layer of a few centimetres and as large a surface area as possible.
  • Froth up the surface using a hand-held blender or a small pond pump, and spoon off the foam.
  • For the coconut syrup, reduce the coconut milk with the glucose, stirring constantly.
  • Allow to cool and scoop or spray a little into the bottom of a glass.
  • Top with the carrot foam.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a selection of amuse-bouches; dress the foam with finely chopped herbs, such as tarragon.
  • As a component in a dessert, e.g. with orange and coconut.
  • As a dessert amuse-bouche or pre-dessert, e.g. on a granité of basil and lemon.

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