Charred oyster

Charring the oysters creates a Maillard reaction that produces a flavour not often tasted in oysters. This process also turns the liquid naturally found in the oyster shells into a stunning gel.

Charred oyster

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As needed:



Preparation method

  • Shuck the oysters and drain them on a sheet of paper towel.
  • Next, transfer them to a stainless steel serving platter and char using a strong kitchen blowtorch.
  • Put the platter in the refrigerator to instantly allow the oysters to cool down.

Serving suggestions

  • Delicious with a steak tartare accompanied by capers, pickle, and shallot.
  • Serve as an amuse-bouche with red wine vinegar, chives, and parsley oil.
  • Incorporate into a dish with mooli, cucumber, and horseradish.

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