Cherries with Dutch gin and yoghurt

Simple to make but creates a spectacular flavour and presentation.


Cherries with Dutch gin and yoghurt

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cherries, fresh






jenever (Dutch gin)



yoghurt powder

Preparation method

  • Slice each almond in half.
  • Pit the cherries and replace each pit with an almond half.
  • Dry the cherries in a 55°C oven or drying cabinet for 3 hours.
  • When done, soak the cherries briefly in the gin. Because they are lightly dried, they absorb the gin readily.
  • Roll the cherries in the yoghurt powder and dry them again at 55°C for several hours.
  • To serve, roll them through the yoghurt powder another time and serve immediately.

Serving suggestions

  • As an element of the amuse-bouches.
  • As element of a dessert with cherry preparations.
  • As a dessert amuse-bouche.

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