Chocolate crisps

These crisps are based on chocolate and can be enriched with a variety of garnishes such as nuts, sea salt and dried fruit. However, plain ribbed crisps are also delicious.

Creation by Edwin Prins, Banketbakkerij Prins, Alblasserdam, the Netherlands.

Makes 500g.

Chocolate crisps

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Preparation method

  • Temper the chocolate.
  • Shape the tempered chocolate into crisps using a template.
  • Use corrugated cardboard to make ribbed crisps.
  • If you like, decorate with various garnishes just before the chocolate solidifies, e.g. with freeze-dried strawberry or chopped hazelnut.

Serving suggestions

  • These chocolate crisps can be used as decoration, or served in a jar with coffee,
  • e.g. served in a Pringles tin.
  • As crunchy item in a dessert.

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