Cleaning squid

Squid is very easy to clean yourself. The squid consists of a number of parts that you simply need to learn about. That's why we have listed them all here for you. The most important parts are the body (also known as the tube), the wings, and the tentacles. You remove the cartilage, skin, eyes, ink sack, innards, and the beak. You can use the ink to give dishes some extra colour and flavour.

Cleaning squid

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As needed:



Preparation method

  • Place the whole squid on the cutting board.
  • Hold the head with the tentacles and gently pull on the tentacles. Pull the innards out of the tube (the body) in one smooth movement.
  • Cut the tentacles just above the eyes of the head.
  • Remove the membrane (cartilage) from the tube.
  • Rinse the tube thoroughly in cold water to remove the slime and any residue.
  • Pull the wings from the tube and remove the purple membrane.

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