Coconut caviar

Caviar made of coconut using the spherification method of El Bulli. This recipe does not contain any sugar and is therefore also suitable as part of an appetizer or cold starter.

Makes 500g. 

Coconut caviar

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coconut cream



calcium chloride




Preparation method

  • Dissolve the alginate in the coconut cream using a hand-held blender.
  • Pour into a squeeze bottle.
  • Create a calcium bath by dissolving the calcium in water using a hand-held blender. 
  • Add the coconut cream to the calcium bath drop by drop to create small balls.  
  • Leave the caviar in the bath for a few minutes.
  • Remove the caviar from the calcium bath and rinse them in a small bowl of cold water.

Serving suggestions

  • This caviar adds a unique structure to an amuse-bouche or a cold starter such as a composition of cucumber, scallops, and yuzu.
  • As part of a dessert with components of pineapple and white chocolate.
  • As a component in an amuse-bouche of beef tataki, soya, and ginger.

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