Cold-cooked egg yolk

An unusual technique taken from contemporary molecular cuisine. Freezing makes the yolk creamy and spreadable. An additional advantage is that they can be prepared in large numbers (because the eggs can be kept in the freezer for months). However, they must be removed from their shells, otherwise the inside of the egg expands when freezing, breaking the shell.

Creation by Cederik Pieters, student of Cas Spijkers Academie, Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Cold-cooked egg yolk

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fresh eggs

Preparation method

  • Place a fresh egg in the freezer for twelve hours.
  • Let thaw and carefully separate the egg white from the yolk.
  • The yolk is now as creamy as butter.

Serving suggestions

  • In combination with asparagus.
  • As a bread topping, sprinkled with a little fleur de sel.
  • As a basis for a rich, creamy sauce.

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