Confit of rhubarb with orange and tarragon

The rhubarb is cooked at a low temperature to maintain its shape and bite.
There are many different types of rhubarb, often green on the inside, but there are also varieties that are red through and through. You can always add a little bit of beet juice to make your rhubarb extra red.

Creation by Erik Hermans, De Limonadefabriek, Streefkerk, the Netherlands.

Makes 200g.

Confit of rhubarb with orange and tarragon

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orange juice



Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar










Preparation method

  • Boil the orange juice, vinegar, sugar, and tarragon until you have a syrupy consistency.
  • Leave the syrup to cool.
  • Chop the rhubarb into 1cm pieces, arrange in a vacuum sealer bag, pour in the syrup, and pull vacuum.
  • Cook at 61°C for approximately 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the rhubarb.

Serving suggestions

  • Can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Delicious with venison in savoury dishes, or with strawberries in sweet dishes.
  • As a component in a dessert, e.g. with strawberries, yuzu, and white chocolate.
  • As a component in a dessert, e.g. with avocado, vanilla, and yoghurt.
  • As a component in an amuse-bouche, e.g. together with smoked salmon.

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