Crispy chiffonade of lettuce

Simple but very appealing and refreshing garnish.

Crispy chiffonade of lettuce

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hearts of butterhead lettuce



iced water

Preparation method

  • For this component, use only the innermost leaves of the lettuce.
  • Remove the centre vein and wash the leaves in plenty of cold water.
  • Dry in a salad spinner. The leaves should now be crispy and dry.
  • Stack a few of the leaves.
  • With a very sharp kitchen knife, slice the leaves into fine chiffonade.
  • Soak in ice water immediately.

Serving suggestions

  • As a garnish for cold dishes, e.g. with avocado, tomato or chicory.
  • As a garnish in an ice-cold soup of peas and mint.
  • As a garnish for fish dishes.

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