Cubic chips with Lardo di Collonata

What a difference a shape makes! Here we use the ultimate chips technique (deep-fried three times), but change the shape and finish with salted, marinated bacon instead of salt. This is devilishly delicious. This recipe also calls for a floury potato. It may not be the obvious choice, but it allows us to end up with a soft and creamy interior with an extra-crunchy exterior.

Makes 1kg.

Cubic chips with Lardo di Collonata

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floury potatoes

As needed:


Lardo di Collonata

Preparation method

  • Peel the potatoes and cut into neat cubes.
  • Gently boil in salted water until tender, making sure that when cooked they still retain their shape.
  • Set to cool, and then deep-fry for 15 minutes at 125°C. At this point the outside will slowly become crispier and the inside will soften.
  • Set to drain and refrigerate until use.
  • To serve, deep-fry at 175°C until perfectly crispy.
  • Finish with paper-thin sliced Lardo di Collonata.

Serving suggestions

  • As a side dish.
  • As a component in a composition with crème fraîche, green herbs, aubergine or asparagus.
  • As a basis for an extraordinary amuse-bouche.

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