Cutting oranges à vif

À vif is a cutting technique in which citrus fruit wedges are cut out, without the white membranes attached. The way to fully enjoy fresh citrus fruit!

Recipe per piece.

Cutting oranges à vif

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Preparation method

  • Remove the top and bottom of the orange using a sharp chef’s knife.
  • Place the orange on one of the flat sides.
  • Cut the peel away from the flesh in one smooth movement from top to bottom.
  • Take the fruit in your hand and cut the segment along the membrane.
  • Tilt the knife a quarter turn when you get to the bottom to release the flesh from the other membrane. Now cut the segment to the top again. 
  • Repeat until you have cut out all the segments. 
  • Remove any pits from the segments. Squeeze the juice from the membranes that remain and use for another preparation.

Serving suggestions

  • Use in salads, e.g. with components of lettuce, fennel, and tarragon.
  • Use in starters, e.g. with components of shrimp and white cabbage.
  • Use in desserts, e.g. with components of mango, coconut, and nuts.

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