Deep-fried carrots

A classic that was a real hit in the nineties. Deep-frying was a preparation method frequently used with vegetables in this era on account of the crispy and savoury notes this gives to a dish. Often the vegetables would be deep-fried at 180°C, which resulted in the vegetables developing a bitter taste. Working at a lower temperature will, however, retain the flavour and colour.

Deep-fried carrots

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large carrot



peanut oil and salt

Preparation method

  • Pare the carrots and cut into thin slices of 2mm at most.
  • Next, cut them into very thin strips of about 6mm in length (julienne).
  • Rinse and dry the carrot and deep-fry at 140°C in unused peanut oil.
  • Allow to drain on paper towels and sprinkle immediately with salt.
  • Serve directly or store in an air-tight container with silicone granules.

Serving suggestions

  • As a garnish for entremets and main courses, e.g. with pumpkin, celeriac, leek, potato or onion components.
  • Create variations by slicing the carrot into thicker strips and by coating them in a tempura batter. Serve as an aperitif snack.

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