Double-podded broad beans

The first shelling removes the bean from the pod, the second shelling removes the tough skin around the bean after blanching.

Makes 250g.

Double-podded broad beans

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broad beans

Preparation method

  • Remove the beans from the pod.
  • Blanch the beans in plenty of water until al dente. This takes about two minutes.
  • Immediately cool in iced water.
  • Drain thoroughly.
  • Shell the beans a second time. Press the bottom of the bean between your thumb and index finger to easily release the bean from the skin.
  • Braise the beans in a little butter to warm them just before serving.

Serving suggestions

  • Use in a dish with components of cod, lemon, and couscous.
  • Use in a dish with components of veal, potato, and garlic.
  • Use in a dish with components of celeriac and samphire.

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