Filleting flatfish

Filleting removes the meat of the fish from the bone. We remove the fillets if we can't or do not want to work with a whole fish. In preparation methods such as poaching and steaming, the skin becomes soft and unpleasant to eat, which is why we remove the skin from the meat.

Filleting flatfish

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flatfish (sole)

Preparation method

  • Use kitchen shears to cut the tail off the fish.
  • Remove the fins on either side by cutting them close to the body.
  • Cut from the head down along the spine to the tail. 
  • Now cut away the fillets as close to the bones, starting from the head. Keeping your knife horizontally as close to the bones as possible to minimize waste. 
  • Remove any innards and rinse the fish under cold water.

Serving suggestions

  • As a basis for further processing such as sole with black bean paste, or fillet of sole with a spinach croûte.

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