Finger-snack mango

It's always nice to use an icon from our national cuisine for a new creation or component, because it adds an immediate recognition factor. And what more recognizable icon could there be than our humble cube of cheese. With a few simple procedures, you can create a truly iconic result. But achieving this effect with shape alone would be a little too simple; that's why we also combine it with a variation on the classic mustard accompaniment, made with a sweet confit of mustard seeds.

Finger-snack mango

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ripe mango

Preparation method

  • Cut the mango meat off the pit, leaving the skin on.
  • Slice crosshatches into the mango flesh on the fruit side to create block shapes.
  • Fold the mango over backwards and cut the cubes off.
  • Cut holes in the cubes to make them look like real cubes of Swiss cheese.
  • Garnish with sweet confit of mustard seed, top with the traditional Dutch flags and serve immediately.

Serving suggestions

  • As pre-dessert.
  • As a friandise.

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