Fresh peas

The first shelling removes the pea from the pod, the second shelling removes the tough skin around the pea after blanching.

Fresh peas

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Preparation method

  • Remove the peas from the pod.
  • Fill a pan with water and 1% salt and bring this to the boil.
  • Blanche the peas in plenty of water. This takes approximately one minute.
  • Cool immediately in iced water.
  • Drain thoroughly in a sieve.
  • Shell the peas a second time. Press the bottom of the pea between your thumb and index finger to easily release the pea from the skin.
  • Right before serving, braise the peas in a little butter to warm them, and season with salt and pepper.

Serving suggestions

  • In a lamb and/or veal composition.
  • In a composition with lobster or langoustine.
  • In a composition with green asparagus, bacon, and poached egg.

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