Fried quail's eggs

Eggs sunny side up, but with quail's eggs instead of hen's. In this case, they are fried in a traditional Dutch 'poffertjes' pan. These frying pans are intended to make miniature pancakes and have semi-spherical indentations for the batter. There are even electric ones for sale that produce a constant, even heat to enable many batches of 'poffertjes' to be made one after another.

Recipe for 20 eggs.

Fried quail's eggs

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quail's eggs

 As needed


clarified butter or oil

Preparation method

  • If you need to fry a lot of eggs you may consider breaking them in advance into  dishes.
  • Heat the 'poffertjes' pan to medium heat and coat with the clarified butter or oil.
  • Pour each egg into one of the pan's indentations and allow to cook evenly.
  • Ensure that the underside does not crisp too much and leave the yolk liquid.

Serving suggestions

  • As a component in a salad. (e.g. a Salade Niçoise or an asparagus salad).
  • As part of a composition with e.g. potato rösti, smoked salmon and sour cream.
  • As part of a composition with e.g. toasted brioche and truffle tapenade. 

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