Goat souvlaki

Goat meat is perfect for this method of preparation which is mainly used for chicken, pork meat, and lamb. This souvlaki tastes best when cooked on the barbecue.

Creation by Nick Brink, ROC Friese Poort, Sneek, the Netherlands.

Goat souvlaki

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hind leg of goat



oregano, dried



olive oil

As needed:





lemon, juice and zest

Preparation method

  • Clean the leg of goat and remove the bones and membrane.
  • Cut the goat meat into 4x4cm cubes and marinate in olive oil, oregano, and salt for three hours.
  • Thread the marinated meat onto skewers.
  • Mix the remaining marinade with the juice and zest of the lemon.
  • Place the souvlaki on the barbecue and cook them whilst constantly rubbing them with the oil and lemon mixture.

Serving suggestions

  • As part of a larger barbecue spread.
  • Serve with a Greek salad.
  • Serve the meat in a pita bread with fresh chips and tzatziki.

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